Serbian flag

Our vision — Our mission

Banatski Zaokret is civilian union whose vision is a regionally recognisable open civilian and humanitarian community, in a healthy and cultured environment with equal rights for all.

The mission of Banatski Zaokret is to represent the interests of Banatians, while developing partnerships with local and other goverment institutions through continuous commitment of our organisation to an open and two-sided dialog. We will encourage active participation and development of all civilians in the creation of the civilian and humanitarian community with equal possibilities for a healthy and cultured environment for our Banat as it should undoubtedly be.

Our goals — Our values

During initial gathering, we were aware that we must put exact goals infront of us, because "The one that doesnt know to which port he is sailing, to him no wind is good". Lesing said that fool sees it in the end, smart one in the middle, and only the wise one sees the goal on the first step, and so we put the 4 goals on the beginning:

To accomplish those goals, we will organise non-profitable expert gatherings, consultations and seminars. We will hire scientific and professional workers and teachers for work in the scientific, professional and research projects from domain of politics, ecology, sustainable development and international cooperation. We will organise work actions, camps, public campaigns, artist events and sport events. All of the above mentioned, we are planning together with the cooperation of universities, expert associations and other organisations in the country and abroad, which are dealing with the problems of improvement of conditions and the position of people.

Such ambitious goals that we put infront of ourselves requires people of quality. We have them and we think of them as our biggest value. We chose the, and we will keep choosing them according to their human qualities, experience they have and education that they gathered and with iron will to change things for the better and help others to be better.